James Nestor; Author Breath

James Nestor; Author Breath
(1 min read)

You will take approximately 26,000 breaths today. How you complete your breaths (heavy or light, deep or shallow, through the mouth or through the nose) will have a significant impact on your health.

When stressed we tend to breathe quickly and when we breathe quickly, our lungs absorb about a 1/4 of the oxygen we need.

After experimenting himself Nestor found out that when we breathe through our nose also known as “nasal breathing” we purify, heat, moisten and pressurize the air we breathe, which increases the amount of oxygen we absorb by 10 to 15 percent.

The key to optimum breathing and all the health endurance and longevity benefits that come with it, is to practice fewer inhales and exhales in smaller volume.
“To breathe, but breathe less.” James Nestor

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