It takes an extraordinary mindset to achieve personal success in any area of life. It’s a war that goes on in the mind about how badly we want it.

One has to develop an obsession of constantly focusing and executing their mission and vision, otherwise the odds of becoming successful greatly diminish.

Knowing what we value most gives us a campus. One that guides us unconsciously.

Just think, working at a job we hate, living with a spouse we never agree with, earning far less than what we are worth or moving around with a body that’s out of shape.

These experiences are just far too common if you look around.

Well, a client walked into the gym at around 6 pm yesterday. 6 to 9 pm are peak hours.So it gets pretty busy for the trainer on the floor.

Anyway, this very respectable gentleman jumps onto the treadmill for about 15 minutes. And after his warm up,

He walks up to me and asks, So what’s next?
I politely ask in turn- how can I help you, what are your fitness goals?

Well, he goes on and points at his stomach, with very little explanation on the specifics.

But, it was clear this gentleman needed some abdominal work done.

Anyways, long story short this turned out to be the most frustrating moment of the day. The fellow did not want to listen to instructions; I had to keep him off his cell phone, I had to think of what he wanted to achieve at the end of it all…..

It takes hours to come up with a decent article every week. Even after all is said and done the quality of the article depends on how much time and effort is placed into thinking and writing it.

It takes some time to plan and prepare for a client ahead of time. It requires detailed notes with a plan including;

Exercise drills, Par Q, Periodization journal, and much more. It also requires mentally rehearsing a successful day the night before. These are just a few practices that make a day, a week, a month or year successful. Man becomes what he thinks about all day long

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