Fitness Post Covid

A picture of HAM FITNESS CENTER take on the 19th of June 2021 a day before the second lockdown in Kampala Uganda.

Am curious, ……what do you think it’s going to take for the fitness sector to become part of the “essential sectors” that are allowed to operate during a lockdown?

Well, If you don’t mind, let me first take a few seconds to share just a little bit of my story.

It’s always been a privilege to be part of an industry that I believe gives you the hardware you need to navigate through life’s challenges and at the same time, an industry that empowers one to become a better fitness leader.

When it comes to fitness leaders the first name that comes to mind is Calvin Hexter. Many years ago, Calvin (A regional manager World Health Club Edmonton Canada) was a leader who saw potential at a time I had almost no experience in fitness. He was not only my boss but a great leader as well. Calvin always emphasised the importance of reinforcing positive thoughts and behaviour. This was a slogan he lived by every single day.

This was great advice because if you come to think about it, we inevitably attract the resources, circumstances and associations that are in harmony with our most dominant thoughts.

Back in 2008 we had a financial crisis that had a negative impact on our mental health. This was a time that required optimism, a time fitness leaders had to bring their “A-game” to work every single day. It was critical to have the right mindset during a time of fear and uncertainty.

This in my view is one of the factors that has made great fitness leaders great. The ability to empower clients 247 even at a time one feels like giving up themselves.

During this pandemic though, we have seen many people develop the habit of exercising regularly. To their credit, many have taken the time to do this consistently. In fact, according to a recent survey, 47% of people said that physical activity was the most important activity that enhanced their mental wellbeing during the pandemic.

Even though the die-hard gym fans still yearn for the days of social engagement and human interaction,

The fitness industry has seen a positive shift over the past year. A shift that has emphasized the need to invest in our health. This is great news because if you think about it whether we have a vaccine or not our immune system remains the only defence mechanism we have against the virus.

Having said that, who knows maybe this could be the turning point. A time when the policymakers finally decide to include the fitness sector as part of the essentials because of the benefits of staying in shape.

Am curious, what’s your take on this issue?

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