“The Power of Environments”

Environments are great teachers if not the most powerful of all teachers.

If you thought about it and asked yourself;

What does it take for one to become a great medical doctor, a professional golfer or the next Mark Zuckerberg? And what environment if chosen could foster the right skills?

An environment in this context is a place where one develops their creativity and full potential through deliberate practice.

Let’s take Tiger woods environment as an example. Tiger is well known for the environment he chose to develop his full potential, which is the golf course.

It’s very rare to find a picture of Tiger on a basketball or tennis court.

Tiger has discovered the right environment, one that has rewarded him for his creativity. He has deliberately worked hard at it, and over the years he has become one of the greats.

You’ve probably heard of the 10,000 hour rule which was popularized by Malcolm Gladwells blockbuster book, “Outliers” As Gladwell tells it; It takes 10,000 hours of intensive and deliberate practice to achieve mastery of complex skills.

A wise man went on to say practice the script until you become the script.

But let’s keep in mind, what might seem a great environment for Tiger might not be the same for all. Because everyone is different and unique in one way or another. It then becomes critical for one to find the right environment that brings out their unique talent.

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