Real Estate Opportunities In Africa.

The African continent has been on the rise with growing opportunities for real estate investors. I have personally met men and women who wish they had invested in real estate before. To be honest I feel the same way. But I think it’s not too late to get into it.

According to an estimate made by Mckinsey & Company, Africa will have 24million more people living in urban areas between 2018-2045. This growth will mean more opportunities for homes, goods and services.

The continent has already had the Chinese and Indian investors jump onto the bandwagon. This could be the moment we have all been waiting for.

I have been on the ground myself looking for opportunities here and there. Speaking of opportunity, I recently bought a small piece of land and started building what I hope will be a 2 storey rental property.

It’s just mind-blowing to know what you could get for just a few thousand dollars. Properties on a beach, high-end condominiums for the price of say, “a used car in the US.” The Us dollar has such a high purchasing power over the Ugandan shilling that you could use to buy a lot with just a few thousand.

Long story short, for those looking for the next big thing in real estate, I think Africa is the place to look.

I highly recommend getting in touch with me asap if this is something that you have been considering or send me a message via WordPress emailbox. I will forward you properties and land for great prices. Looking forward to talk to you soon.

The Base stage of what will soon be my 2 storey building
The base stage complete next is the Framing stage.

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