Over the past few months, there has been a heated debate over land ownership in central Uganda. Many have come to realize that land is a very precious investment. It can never be destroyed, it never depreciates, and can not be taken away from anyone, once purchased.

Many many year’s ago, land was relatively cheap in Uganda compared to other parts of the continent. Those that took advantage of this opportunity back then, are sitting on a large sum of wealth today.

We also have a generation that inherited land from their ancestors which has brought about a heated debate over land ownership in Uganda. This debate has forced the authorities, to consider re-designing the land agreement act. As a matter of fact, our neighbors Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda have already demonstrated how powerful such reforms can be. Their real estate sectors are booming as we speak. Some believe that if the continent continued with this trend we could emulate Chinas rapid rise. This, I believe, is a light bulb moment for investors. A few years from today the price of land in Uganda is likely to be twice or three times higher than it is today.

That being said, vacant land is one of the most overlooked real estate investments, not only in Uganda but the continent at large. The benefits that come with owning the right piece of land at the right price can outweigh the challenges that come with any other type of investment.

A brief background of My experience;

If you have ever thought about land as a viable investment opportunity in the past then I believe this is the time to take action. When I decided to get into it I only had $ 4000 to my name. Since then this amount has appreciated and given me peace of mind. You do not need to become an expert at this. The land pretty much does all the heavy work for you by appreciating over time.

I believe land owners and investors call their own shots. They have realized the hidden treasure of passive income. And I think it’s worth joining the circle as well. Kindly let me know what you think about this opportunity? healthfitcoach2@gmail.com

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