Hamis Kiggundu; Businessman, Author & Close Friend.

10 memorable quotes from his latest book “Reason As The World MasterPiece”

” It’s just unfortunate that human life and all the materialistic gains it holds are so temporary that we have to lose it at a given point either in life or at death. It’s only reasonable for one to share knowledge when one still can.”

” God created man with a processing unit, the Brain; which gives him the ability to reason in all prevailing matters before him.”

” ‘Reality’ in the dictionary is defined as, “all that happens or exists.” But from my personal opinion, it’s the facts as they are before you, looking at things as they are before you and, not as you presume them to be.”

” In Europe and most developed countries, there are no wars because people agreed that it’s not an element of reason to destroy their country. Emotions defeat reason so do personal desires, once one fronts emotions they don’t hold the reasoning capacity to make a proper analysis. Syria, Libya, Somalia and many others have fallen victim to unreasonable agreements based on emotional desires rather than reason.”

” Africa is naturally gifted with abundant resources; which leads us to the question, Why is Africa poor despite the fact that it holds the largest percentage/ deposits of the worlds natural resources?” Colonialism had a great effect on Africa’s past, present and its future.” The colonial education system that was imposed back then and still exists today was not designed to solve Africa’s problems.”

” Informal education is learning from real experience and this is why it’s said that experience is the best teacher. On the other hand, Formal education (education imposed during the colonial age) is theoretical and does not always apply to real-life experiences.” And hence the need to change the current education system.”

“African graduates do not hold the capacity to solve day to day challenges yet, it’s what is required to push the continent forward.”

“Africans would rather export raw coffee beans for peanuts and, purchase the processed product from the west at ten times the cost they sold it.”

“Reason is the gap between our success and failure as a continent.”

“Population is one of the major economic pillars of progress for any society. It’s the major determinant factor of supply and demand. Africa holds a population of 1.3 billion making it possible to self sustain Africa’s market for goods and services.”

“We can start investing today because we have the resources, raw materials and human capital. It’s not to late to apply reason and appreciate what the continent has.”

“An education system or structure based on reason within realistic prevailing circumstances is the key to our success.”

“Poverty and success are both products of the mind, they are a mere reflection of one’s reasoning capacity. Africa is not poor, we are just not reasoning enough. We have all the resources to prosper from human capital to the abundance of natural resources.”

“All past generations lived and achieved up to the extent of their reasoning capacity so will the present generation and those to come.”

Hamis Kiggundu is a businessman, who owns both commercial and residential real estate in Uganda, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

A weekend at Hamis Kiggundu’s residence in Kamala Uganda.

I have learnt a lot from my friend Hamis Kiggundu. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be where I am today. Right from the very start when he offered a small personal loan that I paid back, to the skills and knowledge he has shared. Skills that have given me the foundation for success. As Isaac Newton famously said, ” If I have seen further, it’s because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” I highly recommend his book. It’s available for sale on Amazon.

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