Hustle Harder By Curtis Jackson

I think it’s fair to say that Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent changed the way we all thought about artists that produced hip-hop music. One could even state that there was a paradigm shift after we read a few of his books like; Hustle Harder, Hustle smarter.

You truly get to learn a lot about the school of thought from 50’s wisdom. I have personally scribbled countless notes and listened to the audio version of his books several times. Just to absorb as much as possible. And let’s face it, if anyone has attained a level of success in any area of life, people will always want to learn a thing or two about how that person attained success.

One of the unique traits that 50 Cent has developed over time is his fearless nature. He has shared sensitive issues like competition with his rivals, insecurities in his personal life and also admitted to mistakes he has made in the past. I believe that’s an admirable trait many can rally behind.

50 Cent has also talked about his pursuit to feed the poor children in Africa. This act of giving back makes a great example. An example of someone who knows what it feels like to step in the shoes of that hungry boy or girl. Speaking of this topic, I first got to hear from Curtis Jackson that the World Bank had already created a template that could alleviate world hunger. That was quite a fascinating statement. One I got to know from 50 himself.

On the flip side of Curtis Jackson’s success story though, is one that has attracted envy. But this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Let’s face it, it’s just human nature to be envious of those who have attained a level of success we haven’t attained yet. We have all experienced some sort of negative backlash from people in one way or another. I think it’s perfectly normal, Even “I” might have projected negative energy towards others “BUT” it’s a side of me that I always try to keep under wrap. If you actually come to think about it, It’s a very time consuming and expensive habit to develop.

That being said, I believe the wisdom 50 Cent shares is truly inspiring. There is quite a lot to learn from the gentleman, It’s true great books do have the power to influence in a positive way. I highly recommend his books.

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