The Wealth of Nations.

The great Adam Smith. A man regarded as the father of modern economics. A philosopher whose ideas still live on even to this date.

Adams ideas are a contrast to the outdated and detrimental ideology of mercantilism. This book is filled with a turn of wisdom, different theories of how to boost economic growth.

The thesis of the book is that our individual self-interest leads to social benefit. Adams school of thought has also been known as the invisible hand. A metaphor for the unseen forces that move the free market economy. A “let do/ let go” approach to the market. Rather than engage in warfare, battle over resources, nations are more productive when they specialize. Specialization gives one the competitive advantage.

This book is not everyone’s cup of tea. It’s not the kind that will give you a jolt of instant pleasure, it’s a very dry art filled with classic 18th-century writing. However, Adams way with words brings out the quest for finding solutions to the current challenges that nations are facing. These ideas have had a ripple around the world ever since the time of their birth. It’s a great book. One I highly recommend.

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