Did The Presidential Directive Serve its purpose?

As we head into the weekend bars, lounges and pool table centers are open in broad daylight. It’s business as usual for conferences and other indoor gatherings. Health clubs, small box gyms are fully open and have clearly made their hours of operation public. Movement of passenger vehicles, buses and motorbikes is rampant after 7pm.

This goes on today despite the presidential directives to curb the spread of the virus.

Only 2 million Ugandans have been vaccinated. 35 million are not yet vaccinated and majority are skeptical of the vaccines.

The greatest of all challenges during this period is that schools remain closed. Education plays a huge role in eliminating poverty and inequality and is the very foundation of socioeconomic development. But even to this date we do not have a plan for reopening schools.

Qn, The president enforced a new set of Covid 19 guidelines on the 29th July 2021. Have the guidelines really had any impact on the fight against the virus?